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    ....... 新年快樂
    ........... 新年快樂
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    09 Feb 2013 by fengshui100

    BaZi Feng Shui Master Certificate
    BaZi Feng Shui Master Certificate

    Finally you are able to unlock your clients potentials through Dynamic BaZi Divination and but how about helping steer their innate potential to the path of success and harmonious relationship using potent BaZi Feng Shui solutions specific to the BaZi problems?

    This course takes you to a higher level of understanding of the BaZi system and Master Mas will guide you step by step to BaZi Feng Shui mastery revealing his unique Feng Shui methods. Whether you want to enhance, neutralize, exhaust or diminish the effects of different types of Qi in a BaZi chart or the current luck periods, BaZi Feng Shui works wonders because Master Mas uses only the real power of the universal Qi!
    At the conclusion of this course you will be in an excellent position to be able to give your clients first rate Feng Shui consultations and properly deploy some of the most unique, sophisticated and highly effective BaZi Feng Shui application techniques. Not only will you learn the new revelations and perspectives on principles, theories and practices of BaZi Feng Shui and divination but you will also learn some of his exclusive techniques. With comprehensive understanding of the BaZi system, you will be able to provide clear and concise Feng Shui solutions to deal with some of the most challenging BaZi problems. When used in conjunction with "BaZi Date Selection" the results are even more spectacular!

    Master Mass long list of undisputable client successes made him one of the most sought after Feng Shui masters in Thailand and abroad. Take this rare opportunity to learn his techniques and become one of the best !
    04 Dec 2012 by fengshui100

    Dynamic Ba Zi (八字) Divination Certificate
    Dynamic Ba Zi (八字) Divination Certificate

    This unique course on dynamic methods in BaZi interpretation is an outcome of over 20 years of Master Mass experience and research combined with his study from several world-renowned classical BaZi masters. It brings together, explores and explains the changing nature and the dynamic characteristics of a BaZi chart and effectively analyzes and interprets the multi-faceted relationships and interactions of stems and branches to ascertain deeper meaning and gain significant insight.

    The course will commence by establishing core foundation with critically important concepts and you will learn the true meaning of earthly branches and heavenly stems and their ever changing character. It will comprehensively cover the required dynamic meanings, relationships and combinations of branches and stems including seasons, pillars, luck cycles and phases that all students of 4-Pillars need in order to be able to make precise and truthful interpretations of a persons luck.

    At the end of this course you will be fully prepared to discover the exciting challenges of advanced dynamic BaZi interpretation methods. You will have a clear and deep understanding of BaZi fundamentals and be able to tell persons unique character and individual tendencies in varying luck cycles.


    The dynamic nature of the 8 characters of the 4 Pillars are often underestimated because most of the books and popular courses treat them in a rather static way. For example, you will often learn that the personality of the person born under the Jia day master is persevering, strong, helpful, kind, positive, progressive and rigid like a tree trunk. However, this is not always true in a real life.

    What if a murderer is born under the Jia day master? Some 4 Pillars masters might say that this type of person has a lot of Unbecoming Power or Chia Sha present in his 4 Pillars chart. But how many people in the world who become murderers have a lot of this Unbecoming Power? Ironically, there are also murderers who have good symbolic stars (Shen Sha 神煞) like the Nobleman Star 天乙貴人 [Tian Yi Gui Ren], the Heaven Star of Virtue 天德貴人 [Tian De Gui Ren] and the Month Star of Virtue 月德貴人 [Yue De Gui Ren].

    What happened to this 4 Pillars theory?
    How accurate is the prediction?
    What are the missing links and the hidden knowledge?
    04 Dec 2012 by fengshui100

    Even imperial Feng Shui Masters still make mistake

    Sometime the nice embrace of mountains and hills that look like an embraces which you see by eye is may be fake. For example like the landforms of Emperor Jiaqing's tombs, son of Qianlong of Qing Dynasty that look beautiful by eye when you see from the actual place. They have mountain at the back, open space and water in the front and also nice embraces with big green dragon and smaller white tiger which is supposed to auspicious for man than woman.

    However when you look at the Qi flow carefully from satellite picture, The Xue or Meridian spot is not yet form and settle. It just pass the tomb to stop on the right hand side (from our view). This is the reason why the Qing Dynasty starts to decline and end in few generations later.

    This real life lesson tells us that even the imperial Feng Shui Masters in the past still make a mistake by just look the landform by eye.

    You can learn the correct methods of reading Landforms from "Master Mas's Advanced City Landforms Course"

    02 Jul 2012 by fengshui100

    Feng Shui of Greece why get into crisis

    Somebody ask me about Feng Shui of Greece why get into crisis even they have a nice and beautiful scenery. They have mountains both two sides like embraced to hold Qi. However, sometime beauty for tourists does not mean good FS.
    Athens, capital of Greece has the classic Open Skirt formation which have both to sides are open out, so it cannot hold the Qi at the Ming Tang or the front open space that make this country cannot have enough saving to feed the country. The main Mountain ranges are not stop at Athena. Only a small range that divined from the main range come to feed the area.

    From my personal research before having the first Advanced City landform Course in EU last year, I found somthing that very interesting. They build a lot of construction such as roads and express ways to cover all the canals and water ways that converge and slowdown Qi in the Ming Tang or front open space, which may considered as a main problems in FS perspective.
    12 Jun 2012 by fengshui100

    Xie zi fa 些子法
    Xie Zi Fa is term coined by Legendary Feng Shui Master Zeng Zi Nan (曾子南) who died at an old ripe age of 100-year-old just few years back. It quoted as the highest feng shui technique that never reveals it to anyone except his son. It just like the way he received the knowledge passed down from his ancestors Zeng Wen Chang, first student of Yang Yun Song who consider as father of feng shui from Tang dynasty. This makes many feng Shui practitioners nowadays very curious to know what exactly Xie Zi Fa is.

    Actually, the original Xie zi fa was created around southern song era (南宋) by Zhu Fa Jun (朱發俊). There are 4 parts to xie zi fa:

    1.Tian xie zi 天些子
    2.Di xie zi 地些子
    3.Wai xie zi 外些子
    4.Nei xie zi 內些子

    Xie zi Fa is the correct way to apply using complete set of theories of Xuan Kong Da Gua method to harmonize together all the components of the cosmic trinity. It has a sophisticated system for auspicious date selection (heaven) by using the 64 hexagrams to match with the houses directional hexagram (earth). One can easily read this direction from a reliable San Yuan luopan. To complete the Xuan Kong Da Gua system it also uses the 64 hexagrams to plot the birth year hexagram/ month hexagram/ day hexagram/ hour hexagram in foretelling the persons luck.

    However, it is not as simplistic as matching the birth year hexagrams (Tai Sui Gua) like most or almost all of the books available on the market claim. For example, if you did an auspicious date selection using the birth year hexagram for a group of students born in the same year, it is unlikely that everybody in the class will get auspicious effect from that date. Therefore, in order to tell more specifically what will happen to a persons luck, Xuan Kong Da Gua also uses the luck cycle by plotting the yearly hexagrams / monthly hexagrams / daily hexagrams / hourly hexagrams, same as 4Pillars of Destiny. There are very few known Feng Shui masters in the world that can effectively manipulate the mysterious powers of this complete system using the 64 hexagrams.

    It is also a correct technique of identifying long xue (龍穴) to combine Landform formation with the Formula.

    With the complete set of theories, need not to bother with the annual 5, San Sha or the Sui Po. Grand master Znen Zi Nans body also buried on the San Sha hour and San Sha direction.

    It is the part of case study of Master Mas's Advanced XKDG Date Selection course.
    25 Aug 2011 by fengshui100

    Complete Set of Theories for Feng Shui Systems
    The ancient beginnings of Chinese metaphysics stem from the study of yin and yang and it is a well-preserved belief by all Chinese metaphysicians that heaven, man and earth (Tian Ren Di) have an innate relationship. This guiding principle of cosmic trinity is the core foundation of all complete systems of Chinese metaphysical study. All of the existing Feng Shui schools have their own complete systems of study governing all facets of the cosmic trinity namely heaven, man and earth (Tian Ren Di).

    15 May 2011 by fengshui100

    Veranda Resort and Spa
    Veranda Resort and Spa is the most famous resort at the moment. It is the five stars resort which is used as the background in many Thai soap operas, such as the famous Sawan Bieng. It was the part that Ken-Teeradej and Ann Thongprasom were showing the romantic scene. The owner invited Master Mas to help select the land by the beach. This piece of land was taken over by the bank and was put for sale in the market because the previous owner became the N.P.L. with the bank. After examining the energy form of that land, Master Mas compared that as a piece of gem which the previous owner did not know how to set up the proper Feng Shui for that piece of land. He gave the guideline and recommended the secret to the inviter of that land. In addition, he reconfirmed that the land could be used as resort, and finally the inviter decided to buy that piece of land according to Master Mas advise.

    These are some guidelines of Feng Shui arrangement for this resort.

    1. Designing the place in the form of calabash shape which its mouth is open to receive energy from the reception building in the front. There is a water fountain in the middle of the room. Its water comes from the floor and flows into the resort.

    2. All flowing water will go directly into the pool, and the pool will get bigger and bigger from the front to the back. Then, it becomes a very huge swimming pool. This is a technique of how to bring in the energy for business.

    3. This building can be seen from the front all the way to the back of the resort which is the sea. This technique is different from most of the masters believe. They believe in setting up the place that is unable to see through from the front to the back. This is the special technique in Feng Shui arrangement which Master Mas received from the oversea master.

    4. Inside the resort, the building next to the sea will open its mouth to receive energy from the sea wave by making both sides of the building as wings in order to trap those energy.

    5. The resort sign in front of the project should be set up directly to the incoming road, and that will make it look like three-ways intersection. This is the method of energy receiving in getting the maximum prosperity by making water fountains shoot out of the wall and turning their directions toward the resort.

    6. The spot pointing from the door to the resort sign in front of the project, which is water fountain, should be 45 degree angle. This is the Feng Shui technique which is called Sear Mueng Guag or the Citys Gate Trick. This method will help bring in extra energy to support business.

    7. Using the special auspicious date for the project opening.
    There is an extraordinary phenomenon on the opening day. The sky, which is very bright and clear all day, becomes cloudy and suddenly the heavy rain falls and stops immediately. This is the unique auspicious system which is called Xuan Kong Da Gua Toa Yik Huab

    The result is Veranda Resort and Spa receives the countrys first prize in designing. There are several reporters request to come in for making news, documentary, T.V. program, magazine, and also newspaper. Accordingly, the resort is fully occupied all years round up to now. The price rate of staying at Veranda Resort and Spa is three times higher than the other resort around that area. Therefore, the Veranda Resort and Spa is able to make profits and getting the returned investment within two years.

    Master Mas when he arranged Feng Shui for Veranda Resort and Spa

    If anyone is interested to visit the resort, you can click to

    05 Feb 2010 by fengshui100

    Increasing the total sale of 10 million to 100 million within 3 years
    Several years ago, Khun Issarasuph has opened a small business for the communication equipment products. He had less than 10 employees and his business has been up and down during that period. Although he put more than 100% of his effort, but still no luck. Starting to wonder about his own destiny, he began to study by reading a lot of books including Feng Shui books. Then he realized that life does not only depend on the ability and hardworking, but also fate. Fate of human came from two sources. The energy of stars, called luck, was the first origin, and this was unable to change or correct. Secondly, the energy from our surrounding which was named Feng Shui.

    After reading a lot of Feng Shui books, also buying and setting
    up Feng Shui features according to the books, it still did not improve the situation. He began to look for several masters to help, but it still did not see any significant change. Even the result of Feng Shui was not clear, but he still believed in this ancient subject. Until two years ago, he has met Master Mas and decided to invite him to the office for Feng Shui inspecting.

    The company was located around Bang Na District in the Northern of Bangkok. It was a row house with two rooms. The Feng Shui problem was that his office was the last room on the inside of that row house which was equaled to the dead and road. This was one of the important forbidden rules in Feng Shui. In addition, there was a wall in front of the building that obstructed the flow of energy, and resulted in the negative destiny for people who lived in that building such as they can not find the good opportunity in their lives.

    In general, most of the maters did not advise anyone to buy the building with this type of Feng Shui. But for this case, Khun Issarasuph has already invested everything he had into this building. He cant afford to move out to the new place. Therefore, it was Master Mas job to decide how to do to turn this situation over form negative to positive result.

    Master Mas has spent his time for hours to find technique in correcting this condition of Feng Shui. Eventually, he found one method by recommending Khun Issarasuph to put water fountain in the back of the wall by the front door where the most of energy was clogged. But this method needed a very unique design because it was a special technique for high level of Feng Shui. Looking from the outside, it looked like an ordinary water fountain. Also, Master Mas has designed the office floor plan for each employee to sit in a good Feng Shui direction. This will help in bringing the maximum potential of each worker for the best benefit of the company.

    For the outcome, Khun Issarasuphs business began to receive many big opportunities. Finally, he was able to increase the total sale from 10 million baht to 100 million baht per year within only 3 years.
    05 Feb 2010 by fengshui100

    Getting rich with Wind channel and electric transformer
    The story of Miss Hnong who got rich from Feng Shui arrangement.

    Miss Hnong worked as a sale person for construction product in one of the private company. After hard working for over 10 years, she still did not get rich. She started getting tired of working for somebody and wanted to be her own boss. She planned to open business for home products such as door lock, latch, hand rail, and cloth hanger. Without a strong financial support, she had to start a small business with only 2 employee which are herself and another clerk. She did everything from janitorial job to managing the company.

    05 Feb 2010 by fengshui100

    3 Golden Rules by Master Mas
    1. You should connect the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven-Man-Earth.

    2. You should only use accurate Feng Shui data.

    3. You should use only ONE complete system of Feng Shui.

    To unleash the true powers of real authentic Feng Shui, you need to connect the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven-Man-Earth. Master Mas has designed and developed a complete and comprehensive set of master classes and complimentary seminars that will show you how to synchronize or harmonize our Qi to Da Gua or time and space. Based on 100% pure Feng Shui!

    Master Mas International Feng Shui courses include in-depth theories and principles enabling you to perform thorough analysis and employ unique application techniques that have been proven to have consistently spectacular results. If your Feng Shui results are not giving you the results you are expecting, you can now explore these simple, results oriented and practical ways to the real Feng Shui that works.

    02 Jan 2010 by fengshui100

    Na Yin - the hidden Five Melodic Element
    The Na Yin (納 音) is the hidden Five Melodic Element that was the product element as a result of the pairing up of the Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. The resultant element might, at times, turn out to be completely different - for example, when Yi (H2 - Wood) and Hai (E12 - Water) combines, the resultant Na Yin element turns out to be Metal. This theory has wide application in almost all branches of Chinese Metaphysics.

    There are Sixty Stems and Branches Harmonics - (liu shi jia zi na yin 六 十 甲 子 納 音);
    11 Jun 2009 by fengshui100

    Be Ready To Fight San Sha by Master Mas

    After Master Mas was invited to speak in the International Feng Shui Convention 2008 about "How XKDG date selection can obtain auspiciousness from San Sha", then this topic become very exited among Feng Shui enthusiasms. A lot of people try to find out the secret of this method with blind understanding. That is very dangerous way to do without enough knowledge.

    This is the article that Master Mas was wrote to share some knowledge about the principle of fighting San Sha technique, to prepare for people who intend to study seriously about this subject.
    15 May 2009 by fengshui100

    28 Constellations-Misused in Date Selection
    The 28 constellations (二十八宿 èr shí bā xiù) is the most widely used system for date selection in the Chinese culture and Astrology and it is commonly found in the Tongzhu or Chinese Farmer's Calendar. Most of the Feng Shui practitioners nowadays apply this method to select auspicious date to perform important Feng Shui activities while some use its components to analyze birth charts and use it in association with the 81 combinations of Xuan Kong Flying Stars without truly understanding the root of this theory.
    Chinese Astrology adopted the 28 constellations date selection from India following the introduction of Buddhism to China around the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. The 28 star constellations are divided into four clusters, with each cluster made up of seven constellations. The four clusters represent the 4 cardinal directions (north, south, east and west) and each cluster is associated with one of Four Celestial Animals or Emblems namely the black tortoise, red phoenix, green dragon and white tiger.

    08 May 2009 by fengshui100

    Time adjustments.... New !

    In ancient times, all Feng Shui masters used only the True Solar Time by using the sundial measurement to base all their Feng Shui calculations and applications like date selection and 4 pillars reading. The TST helps us to determine the real Yang Qi energy that we receive from the sun. Our Feng Shui society followed the clock time only during the last century when the western world invented the clock time although it bears no relationship to the real Yang Qi from the sun energy.

    Sundials tell the "sun time" while clocks and watches tell the "clock time". They should be used appropriately according to their specific purpose.

    "Solar time or Sun time" is anchored around the idea that when the sun reaches its highest point when it crosses the meridian or the most Yang Qi, it is noon and the next day when the sun crosses the meridian, it will be noon again. The time which has elapsed between successive noons is sometimes more and sometimes less than 24 hours of a clock time. In the middle months of the year, the length of the day is quite close to 24 hours, but around the 1st of September the days are only some 23 hours, 59 minutes and 41 seconds long while around Christmas, the days are 24 hours and 31 seconds long.

    "Clock time" is anchored around the idea that each day is exactly 24 hours long. This is not actually true, but it is obviously much more convenient to have a "mean sun" which takes exactly 24 hours for each day, since it means that mechanical clocks and watches, and, more recently, electronic ones can be made to measure these exactly equal time intervals.

    Obviously, these small differences in the lengths of "sun days" and "mean days" build up to produce larger differences between "sun time" and "clock time". These differences reach a peak of just over 14 minutes in mid-February when "sun time" is slow relative to "clock time" and just over 16 minutes at the beginning of November when "sun time" is fast relative to "clock time". There are also two minor peaks in mid-May when "sun time" is nearly 4 minutes faster and in late July when sun time is just over 6 minutes slower.

    This mean 12.00 oclock in the watches for almost every day is not the time that the sun reaches its highest point!
    These minor peaks have the fortunate effect in the Northern hemisphere, in that the differences are relatively minor during most of the months when there is a reasonable amount of sunshine.

    The differences do not accumulate across the years, because "clock time" has been arranged so that, over the course of a four year cycle including a leap year, the two kinds of time very nearly come back to the same time they started. (The "very nearly" is because "clock time" still has to be adjusted by not having a leap year at the turn of each century, except when the year is exactly divisible by 400, so 1900 was not a leap year, but 2000 will be). Even with this correction, we had an extra second added to "clock time" recently.

    A lot of astrologers also tried to do the time adjustments from the clock time (GMT) to the local longitude time that is sometimes called the True Local Time, by adding or subtracting several minutes calculated from the difference of the local longitude of the observation place with the Time Zone the of the area.

    Then if you do Feng Shui arrangements that are base on timing like Date selection or 4 Pillars reading, you may choose the totally wrong timing!
    18 Mar 2009 by fengshui100

    Advance City Landform, Feng Shui to Make Millions

    The science of Feng Shui has its origins over a thousand years ago. Its formula has been proven to be accurate and handed down until today. Knowing the usage of Feng Shui enables one to get an edge on the others and can bring incredible prosperity.

    The problem is that almost all of the ancient Feng Shui texts are about the Yin Feng Shui (the Feng Shui of a graveyard), rarely on the topic of the Yang Feng Shui (the Feng Shui of the living). Also, the modern innovations such as skyline buildings, flyovers, subways, mirrors or computers were non-existent in the past. The modern structures came into existence about 100 years ago. As a result, each Feng Shui master writes about Yang Feng Shui in different ways - either true or incorrect, causing confusion among the enthusiasts of Feng Shui and making it impossible for practical usage.

    The most important aspect of good Feng Shui is the source of energy that pervades into a building, thus activating its own energy. Without the good source of flowing energy and the ability to accumulate energy within a location, even the best located direction is proved useless. As such, this topic is the heart of Feng Shui. A Feng Shui master, once said Bad location doesnt need Luo Pan. This means it is a waste of time to determine the orientation of a place for the energy assessment if the Feng Shui of the location is bad. The analysis of location is the advanced technique that had once been kept secret.

    14 Nov 2008 by fengshui100

    What is Xuan Kong Da Gua

    To two important group of classical Feng Shui schools are the San He - Three Harmony schools, and the San Yuan - the three Era schools. Xuan Kong Da Gua is belong to the part of San Yuan schools, also known as Yi Gua Pai, which is base on the I Ching principle.

    Xuan Kong Da Gua is one of Feng Shui school that is hold the most complete theory to connect energy of the heaven with energy of the Earth to support energy of the person. It was put together by Qing Dynasty Feng Shui scholar named Zhang Xin-Yan who wrote a classic called "Di Li Bian Zheng Shu" (The Correct Interpretation of the Principles of the Earth) in 1827.

    Xuan Kong Da Gua means "The Mystical Emptiness of the 64 Gua" of the I Ching. The word Xuan Kong means mystery and void. Although, it actually means how time and space affected each other. That is what the principle of Xuan Kong Da Gua which lies on interaction between Yin and Yang forces and the Five Agents of Nature (Wu Xing).

    Xuan Kong Da Gua subject have 2 importance parts. First is referred as the 64 hexagrams Feng Shui that is the tool to manage the Earth Qi. While the second part is Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection, which is the tool to manage the Heaven Qi.

    09 Sep 2007 by fengshui100

    Authentic Feng Shui
    Feng Shui is a Chinese science about buildings & burial sites, their surroundings and their affect on lives, careers and businesses. Feng Shui is routinely used to improve luck, wealth, health and harmony by both business and individuals. The basic principle of Feng Shui is that everything is energetically connected and always changing. The purpose of Feng Shui is to help create balanced and harmonious energies where we live and work, and align ourselves with them. We are then better able to live richer, fuller, happier lives and achieve our highest potentials.

    Feng Shui provides guidance about how each person interacts with a building and where they should sit and sleep to enhance their fortunes.

    Feng Shui gives guidance on how to use colors to promote feelings of well being and harmony. It also gives guidance on how to use colors to improve fortunes.

    Feng Shui gives guidance on where and when to place objects such as business papers, photographs and signatures to enhance luck and help people achieve their objectives.

    Feng Shui tells how time influences people and buildings, enabling important tasks to be carried out during beneficial periods.

    Thousands of years of scientific research have proved that our environment, from the land around where we live to the most private parts of our house, can repress our positive potentials, creating premature health problems, bad luck and negativity. Conversely, we can use natural energies to unlock the true potential of the occupants, giving them excellent health, luck, status, intelligence and magnetism so that they have the energy, good timing, attitude and magnetic power to attract the people and things they desire.
    03 Apr 2007 by fengshui100

    The Correct Principle of Feng Shui
    Many people understand that Feng Shui is about something mystery and beyond the nature. It is a part of religion or a foolish belief of the people of old which cannot find the logic. Most of the Feng Shui books in the market are written about all kinds of belief such as tiger holds sword sign, eight directions mirror (Pa Gua) , lucky animals ceramic doll, lucky charm, praying, and various kinds of religious activity. Therefore, people misunderstand about Feng Shui and stay with the wrong beliefs which are unable to change their destiny.

    The correct principle of Feng Shui is the subject which involves the secret formula in computing the energy, and tries to bring the environmental energy to support people. This is the energy of the world magnet that covers our whole world. Everyone lives on the field on world magnetic energy for 24 hours a day through all his life.

    In scientific discovery, there is a weak electromagnetic current inside human body. In each blood cell has iron as the main element. The world magnetic energy will activate these iron elements and converts them into a weak magnet which is comprised of both positive and negative pole in itself. By using this device, food, oxygen, and all data will be sent to the cell and every organ in the body. If this electric charge is orderly organized, it will improve the blood circulation and help bring food and oxygen to each cell better. That will result in having a strong and good health. On the other hand, people will get sick if there is an unorganized electric charge in the cell.

    Because all houses are built on the field of world magnetic energy, and the angle of each house with the line of magnet is not equal. So every house will receive different kind of energy. We spend 8-10 hours a day in the house. Thus, the accumulated world magnetic energy in the house will effect our lives in many ways.

    The correct method of Feng Shui arrangement begins with the measurement of the angle between the house and the world magnetic energy. The result will be calculated by the ancient energy formula (this part is kept as the top secret and is never revealed to the public). This will enable us to know whether the house s door brings the good or bad energy into the house.

    If the energy is good , it will activate people in that house to have the correct ideas which harmonize with timing and outside opportunity. This will result in prosperity. But if it is a bad energy, it will deviate the thought and performance which will result in making a wrong decision and does not get along with the situation e.g. making a wrong investment, buying an incorrect stock , an never get any good opportunity into life. This will lead to failure.
    10 Jan 2007 by fengshui100

    How much Feng Shui can change your life ?
    There are always some questions about how much Feng Shui can change your destiny. For example, one of the case study which is the real incident occurred in the ancient time, we can put this event into our consideration. This is the story of King Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋 who established the Ming Dynasty. If someone had watched the movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (倚天屠龍記) in television, they might be familiar with this name. He was the follower of Zhang Wuji 張無忌, who was the good guy in the movie, and later on Zhu Yuanzhang put together his soldier to expel the Mong Gole. Then he promoted himself as the first king (B.E. 1871 - 1941) of the Ming Dynasty........

    10 Jan 2007 by fengshui100

    Factors of the correct Feng Shui arrangement
    In order to receive the positive effect and reach the goal in Feng Shui arrangement, these 4 factors must be considered and put together :

    1. Location (form that effects the chi energy)
    2. Direction (formula in computing the chi energy)
    3. Human luck (energy that is charged into your body)
    4. Auspicious Date Selection (harmony in timing)

    Each of these factors will be studied as the fundamental for Feng Shui subject :
    08 Jan 2007 by fengshui100


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